Post Road Used Auto Part will warranty Engines and Transmissions Internal Parts, which would include the following: Pistons, Rings, Push Rods, Rocker Arms, Lifters, Rocker Arm Shafts, Crankshafts & Bearings, Rods, Camshafts & Bearings, Valves & Guides, Oil Pump, and Engine Block & Cylinder Head. Excluded from warranty are Mounts, Fuel System, Electrical Components, Water Pump, Flex Plate, Flywheel, Pulley’s, Gaskets & Seals unless otherwise stated on original invoice. Motors and Cylinder Heads have heat tabs installed on them, if center is melted out, warranty is VOIDED.


Post Road Used Auto Part Warrants to the Original Purchaser that the recycled part(s) to be sold are free of defects. All parts must be properly installed and maintained according to factory specifications. Proof of oil changes will be required. This warranty is limited to the amount of the original purchase price of the part. All warranties are non-transferrable. If any defects are discovered during the warranty period, PRUAP MUST be informed immediately, failure to do so shall VOID warranty. PRUAP or a Certified Facility @ PRUAP discretion must verify defects. PRUAP is not responsible for any transportation/shipping cost incurred due to a failed part. Any improper use, (racing, neglect, mishandling) of said part shall VOID this warranty. Commercial vehicles or vehicles with plow mounts are excluded from any extended warranty. Improper installation, repair or modification of said part shall VOID this warranty. Any existing problems with the vehicle in which the parts are intended that would cause damage to the recycled part shall VOID the warranty. Failure to properly prove that cooling lines and radiators have been properly flushed will VOID the warranty. Failure to follow all instructions on installation tags will VOID the warranty. No Labor Costs Will Be Included In This Warranty.

The customer (purchaser of part and warranty) will have to establish compliance with any and all conditions set forth for any and all warranty claims. PRUAP will exclude all seals, gaskets, fluids, and similar automotive supplies from this warranty.

Warranty will exclude any claims of personal injury, economic losses, inconveniences, transportation/shipping, towing and any consequential damages due to a defect of the recycled parts purchased.

All refund checks will be issued to the name as it is on the original invoice. There will be NO CASH REFUNDS.

Post Road Used Auto Part offers a 100 Day warranty on all parts by replacement. If recycled part is defective withing 100 days of warranty. PRUAP will get a replacement part.

Post Road also offers full ine off after market/new crash parts including lights, mirrors, and most body panels.

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